The BreakOut Innovation System is made up of 8 Main Gates, four Ideation Gates, and four Development Gates. For each of these Gates and their Stages, the BreakOut Innovation System provides you with “how-to” tutorial videos, key innovation and project management toolkits, templates and outputs that are designed to help you and your team successfully move through the entire Innovation process or all 8 Stage Gates.

September 12, 2019 By Arthur Fox

The BreakOut Innovation System – Make Your Teams More Innovative

Anyone who has tried, or has the role of, developing new products and services knows it's not easy to come up with truly disruptive innovation ideas. And it is even harder to develop them.

Like the recent Apple Watch ECG, which marks the beginning of the next big Apple revolution: being able help people live healthier and longer lives with AI technology that monitors a person's vital signs, make intelligent choices, provide suggestions for healthier living, and provide invaluable data in emergency situations.

Let that sink in for a second. With a good imagination you can probably list off 100 ideas that type of technological leap could provide to the user, doctors, healthcare companies, Google – ha-ha 🙂

And I am not talking about monitoring your heart rate and sleep patterns – that comes standard (which is amazing in and of itself when you think about it!).

But most of us do not work for Apple, which did not even make the Forbes Top 100 Innovative Companies List. Just to put all this in perspective.

Hit A Homerun Every Time At Bat!?!

We need to take a realistic and honest approach when it comes to innovation. Because hitting an innovation “homerun” every time at bat is simply not realistic. Not even the most innovative businesses can do that. Even if they hit a home run 10% of the time, that would be best in class.

The fact of the matter is coming up with BreakOut Innovations that drives tremendous incremental business growth (does not cannibalize your existing business profit margin) is really difficult – even for the best of them.

The key point I am trying to make is you need to have reasonable expectations, especially if your business is new to developing innovations.

But... let's say you do brainstorm that “awesome idea” that will disrupt the industry and make your business the industry leader. Hey, nothing wrong with dreaming big and shooting for the stars!

So, with your “awesome idea” in hand and the full support of the business to develop it, you are now faced with the real, very challenging barrier of finding the right motivated people in the business (and outside the business) to help develop your idea.

After all, you want the most experienced, passionate, and wise people on your development team right! I mean this is a game changing idea for the business.It deserves the best people - so that your idea not only gets developed, but gets developed in such a way that it is even better than your original idea!

While I wish I could say it is that easy, unfortunately it is not. I am not saying it isn't possible. I am just saying it isn't easy.

The truth is, there are so many challenges a business faces when developing innovations (even with the full support of the business) that it is extremely unlikely you can do it successfully unless you and your innovation team know exactly what to do, how to do it, and who to do it with.

That is why BreakOut Marketer’s team of innovation and marketing experts pooled their knowledge and experience together to create the BreakOut Innovation System.

The BreakOut Innovation System takes the wisdom gained from pioneering innovations at some of the most innovative companies currently on (and off) the Forbes Top 100 Most Innovative Companies List ☺.

It provides a cutting-edge, proven step-by-step Innovation approach that anyone, or any sized company can use to create new and novel innovations.

The ULTIMATE Consumer Insight Toolkit will give you some of BreakOut Marketers “Secrete Sauce” when it comes to how to uncover powerful consumer insights.

The BreakOut Innovation System

The BreakOut Innovation System is made up of two main processes:

     - The Ideation Process, and

     - The Innovation Development Process

Innovation Teams use the Ideation Process to develop and validate new and novel ideas for the business (or brand).

The most promising ideas are then evaluated by the business using the BreakOut Innovation Development Brief (which we provided in our Ideation Toolkit – more on toolkits in a bit).

The ideas that get approved progress to the Innovation Development Process, where the Innovation Team takes that innovation, and improves/refines it even further, so that when finished the business has a new innovation launch with better sales and profit numbers than when the idea was first evaluated.

The BreakOut Innovation System provides you and your team with the knowledge and know how to successfully deliver breakout innovations for your business.

Download the Free BreakOut Innovation System InfoGraphic to understand exactly what gets done, how it gets done, and who gets it done at each Stage of the Ideation and Innovation Development Process.

The BreakOut Innovation System is much more than a bunch of proven tools and processes. It also provides fundamental innovation team building blocks that will help make a team more innovative and more successful developing innovation on time, under budget and WOWs the consumer.

Innovation Teams Need Organizational Support

The BreakOut Innovation System recognizes that for BreakOut Innovation to happen successfully within an organization (or business), you need the right Organizational Framework that will guide and support your Innovation Team during each stage of the BreakOut Innovation System.

The Right People: In the right roles, empowered and working together. The trickiest part of developing innovation is selecting the right people for your innovation team.

We understand and recognize the importance of getting this right, which is why our System provides business leaders with a proven “how-to” Expert Plan on how to select the right people for your Innovation Team.

Then we provide the Innovation Team with Expert Coaching Plans that teach our proven system using trusted processes, techniques, and tools that empowers innovation teams to deliver breakout innovations for your business.

Additionally, our Innovation System provides the Innovation Team with the BreakOut Project Management Toolkit. This toolkit will help the Innovation Team Leader and/or Project Manager effectively lead and manage the Innovation Team Members and innovation process.

This Toolkit is packed full of great tools, templates and examples that will define team member’s roles and responsibilities, key deliverables and timings-”, and ensure team collaboration and clear communications – just for starters.

Strategy & Insights: BreakOut Marketer’s experts have learned from experience that the foundation of all BreakOut Innovation is the development of well-defined Innovation Strategy AND Innovation Strategic Platforms (something I am guessing you have never heard of before, unless you are familiar with BreakOut Marketer).

Having Innovation Strategic Platforms is what makes the BreakOut Innovation System unique and powerful.

The development of the Innovation Strategy and Innovation Strategic Platforms, needs to be based on REAL and VALUABLE Consumer Insights, Pain Points, Wants and Needs.

While the Innovation Strategy lays out the innovation game plan for the business or brand, Innovation Strategic Platforms ensures that multiple Solution Areas are defined. It will be these Innovation Platforms or Solution Areas, the Innovation Team focuses their ideation efforts against to drive breakout ideas for your business.

Most innovation approaches focus on a single (often too tight) innovation strategy or solution area, which frequently leads to very limited ideas.

The BreakOut Innovation System widens the box just a bit (all pun intended) so the Innovation Team has more high potential solution areas to ideate (develop ideas) against.

The BreakOut Innovation Missile helps to visualize our approach to Innovation.

BreakOut Marketer’s Innovation System is designed to help you come up with many new and novel ideas/solutions. Then improve and reduce those ideas to the most promising.

From there only the best, most promising ideas are developed.

Once in development, the innovation idea continues to be improved by adding value and cutting costs.

Process: To be truly successful at developing and launching new products and services, you need a practical; easy to embed innovation approach that helps you successfully navigate this minefield called innovation, from beginning to end.

The BreakOut Innovation System, developed by our innovation experts, addresses all the core competencies a start-up, or established business needs to create innovative teams and an innovative business culture that can smartly navigate around the many pitfalls and watch outs of innovation development.

As was stated earlier, the challenges for creating innovation for a business are so great and so numerous that it is extremely unlikely you can do it successfully unless you know what to do, how to do it, and who to do it with.

All of which our Expert Coaching Plans cover in step-by-step detail using tutorial videos, toolkits and real examples.

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– Arthur Fox – COO of BreakOut Marketer

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