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August 15, 2019 By John Ziegler

How To Select Innovation Team Members That Will Perform

Do you remember playing with Legos blocks when you were a child?

For those of you in your twenties, remember when you played that Lego video game last week? ☺

I joke... but seriously remember when you were a little kid and engaged in an activity that required your creativity.

When I played with Legos the only limitation was my creativity.

Well that and how important it was having the right blocks in place, so my creation looked and functioned the way I envisioned and did not fall apart when my little brother tried to blow up my creation with his very real baseball!

Okay. I am all business now!

If you did play with Legos, you also learned that the larger and more complex the structure you were building, the more important the foundation was. How you assembled the pieces became critical if you wanted your creation to function the way you intended.

Innovation Teams Are Like A Box Of Legos

This Lego truth is also true for Innovation Teams. You need to have the right building blocks and people in place if an Innovation Team is to function the way you intend it to (ie..perform at a high level and create breakout innovations - consistently.)

When put like this, it may sound obvious, but the truth is, most innovation teams are not high performing teams.

They struggle with creating and launching innovative ideas, particularly breakout ones. There are two main reason for this and I am going to keep them secrete.

Just Kidding...

The first reason is you may not have the right balance of Innovator Thinking Styles on your Innovation Team.

While it may seem obvious, one of the keys to ensuring a high performing innovation team is making sure you have the right people, in the right roles and with the right innovator thinking style. Yes, how each team member attacks or solves a problem is important when selecting Innovation Team Members.

The business needs to make sure it is “tapping the right people on the shoulder” when it comes to forming Innovation Teams that will perform at a high level.

The second reason is the business has not put all the needed building blocks in place so the Innovation Team can be successful and high performing.

With the right organizational framework or building blocks in place and the right people on the team the business can expect a high-performance innovation team.

Having the right organizational framework in place means the business recognizes the key building blocks that are needed for any Innovation Team to be successful.

(For More On Organizational Framework See Related: The BreakOut Innovation System.)

Selecting The Right People For Your Innovation Team

This rest of this article is all about making sure you have the Right People on your Innovation Team.

Anyone who innovates for a living knows the hardest and often the most frustrating part of innovation development comes down to one very important ingredient: having the right people, in the right roles on the Innovation Team.

And... as you will soon come to understand, it is just as important to have the right balance of “Innovator Thinking Styles” on the team. An Innovation team that is not balanced ways its Members think about and solve problems,is a team that will struggle and as research shows, will most likely fail.

What Kind of Innovator Thinking Style Are You?

BreakOut Marketer’s Innovator Thinking Style Assessment Toolkit is the go-to tool for many of our members who are either leaders of the business or manage innovation initiatives for the business.

This BreakOut Toolkit ensures the right people are tapped to form your Innovation Team.

And now you can download this Free Toolkit that will walk you step-by-step in evaluating your peoples “innovator thinking style” and how to then take that learning, to select the right people who will give your Innovation Team the right balance in approaches to problem solving.

The 3 Innovative Thinking Styles

Adaptors are very pragmatic, step-by-step problem solvers. They prefer operating within existing paradigms to solve problems by using proven methods. Which is great and very much needed, but if you are looking for out-of-the-box thinking, you are not going to find it with this thinking style.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have your creative thinkers, or Explorers.

Explorers have a greater tendency and capacity to see new patterns and “connect dots” to create unique, innovative ideas. You will get ideas/solutions you never thought of with this type of thinker. That does not mean they will all be good ideas (just don’t tell them that).

Then, right in the middle of these opposite thinking styles are Bridgers.

Bridgers can appreciate and value the different perspectives and contributions of both the Adaptors and Explorers. Bridgers are often needed to ensure the other two thinking styles work well together.

Because here is the thing: Adaptors and the Explorers do not always tend to play well together in the Sandbox

The Adaptors tend to view the Explorers as impractical, abrasive, undisciplined, insensitive, and creators of confusion.

The Explorers view the Adaptors as dogmatic, compliant, stuck-in-a-rut, timid, conforming, and inflexible.

The Bridgers, can appreciate and value the different perspectives and contributions the other thinking styles provide to the team and the innovation initiative overall.

While no thinking style is better than the other, the fact is, you need a balance of all three thinking styles on any Innovation Team.

Screw this up, and your Innovation Team will fall flat. Get it right your chances of success will increase tremendously.

Don’t screw this up! Download This Free Toolkit Today!

Doing so will enable you to determine the Innovation Thinking Styles for your organization’s employees, by functional department, skill level, and thinking style.

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