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August 05, 2019 By John Ziegler

Boost Creativity To Create New Innovation and Marketing Ideas

Today more than ever, you need the people and your business to be more innovative.

If I were to ask you to check off the statements below that are important to you or your business, how many boxes would you check?

   ::Have a Proven Idea Generation System & Process that delivers Insight      Driven Innovations that will WOW your customers for the business or brand.

   ::Increase your number of BreakOut Ideas and the odds of delivering      successful new product/service innovations to market.

   ::Develop more “better mouse trap” and “hard-to-imitate” ideas.

   ::Swim in the ‘blue ocean’, where there is less competition.

   ::Net more and better Ideas in your Innovation Pipeline..

   ::Engage your people and develop their Idea Development, or Ideation Skills       & Capabilities.

So, what did you score – how many boxes did you check?

1, 3 or 6 boxes? If you checked ZERO boxes, you are good to go, and you should probably not waste your time reading on…

As you for the rest of you, I am sure you already know this is a trick question.

The first and last boxes are about HOW to be more innovative and the boxes in-between are the Results or WHAT you get when you approach Ideation with a more creative mind-set, while also ensuring your Ideation initiatives are grounded in Insight and are Strategically Focused.

So, if you checked any of these boxes... even just one box... then really you checked all six.

Before I even approach Boosting Creativity or Ideation, as it is often referred to within the Innovation community, I just need to make a couple of things clear:

   ::Ideas are Fragile and need to be Nurtured – just like seedlings.

   ::Do this right and you will have planted many seedlings that will Grow in both      Short and Long-term!

   ::Do this wrong and you will have many ideas that die on the vine.

Management needs to recognize the following very important fact that often gets overlooked by many large (fortune 500 large) businesses because what many companies simply do not get, or choose to accept, is that Ideation is a bit Messy! That is hard for any business or organization to accept and embrace. And that is why all too often, ideas die on the vine.

This is also a major reason why there are not that many innovative companies out there.

The funny thing is we all know which companies are the most innovative – they are usually breaking new ground with new and better innovations all the time and are usually the dominant market leader.

So, if you want your organization to be more innovative, Management from top to bottom must support ideas until they end in one of the following ways: Learn & Improve, Shelve, Abandon, or what you are shooting for: A Potent Innovation Idea that you can develop for your customers and your business.

The best Innovators know how to think and act at each stage of the Ideation Process. And yes, while it is a messy process it is a process nonetheless – which is a good thing.

At BreakOut Marketer, our Experts have developed the BreakOut Ideation Missile , which wraps both a process and a way to think and act at each stage of the Ideation Process.

BreakOut Missile Stage #1: Target, and #2: Guidance System

During the first two stages of the BreakOut Ideation Missile the Ideation Team is focused more on strategy, identifying a clear objective or vision for the brand or business they will be ideating against, and also identifying strategic innovation platforms, which force the team to consider a wider range of challenges or solution areas to ideate against.

Without these first two stages your ideation team and efforts would be lost and not driving many BreakOut Ideas.

Without the stage two “Guidance System”, your Ideation Team would only be generating a third of the potential ideas they could be generating. So, a lot of time is spent upfront before you get into allocating the needed resources to develop and validate Potent Innovation Ideas.

BreakOut Missile Stage #3: Combustion Chamber

Stage three is where the Ideation Team generates lots of high quality ideas for each strategic innovation platform identified during stage two. By incorporating potent consumer insights and consumer enemies (an emotional ENEMY your consumer has - given the condition or circumstance for which your business exists) into Multiple Ideation Sessions that use many of the dozens of BreakOut Idea Generating Techniques we provide, the Ideation Team should generate anywhere from 12 to 36 quality ideas.

BreakOut Missile Stage #4: Select The Best Ideas

During stage four, the best ideas are selected using BreakOut Idea Selection Tools and if needed, market research.

BreakOut Missile Stage #5: Booster

During the last stage of the BreakOut Ideation Missile, the ideation team adds value and increases the impact of the best insight driven ideas that were previously selected.

From there, the Ideation Team further refines and builds these new Innovation Ideas into Powerful Concepts that will WOW Consumers.

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- John Ziegler, CEO of BreakOut Marketer