Gain a fresh perspective with our proven marketing system, that shows you step by step how to “raise the bar” of your marketing efforts to drive breakout growth.

August 04, 2019 By John Ziegler

A Fresh Perspective To Marketing Planning

Gain a fresh perspective to marketing planning with our proven breakout 360º marketing approach.
Our 360º marketing approach, shows you step-by-step how to “raise the bar” of your marketing efforts so you market brilliantly and create breakout business growth.
BreakOut Marketer’s proven marketing approach, developed by our Marketing Expert, uses turnkey "How-To" Expert Coaching Plans. Each Expert Plan comes complete with on-demand tutorial videos, key tools, and outputs that will help you learn what you need to do and how to do it so you can write smarter marketing plans your business.

The BreakOut 360º Marketing Approach

As we will review below, prior to writing a smarter marketing plan, we strongly recommend you first conduct a thorough Analysis Of Your Market & Business, and ensure your Brands Positioning in the marketplace is unique and ownable (i.e. you do it better than anyone else).

In addition, we also strongly encourage you uncover that fresh, but not yet known consumer understanding, or those golden nugget of wisdom (breakout insights).

Insights are at the core of everything we do in marketing and innovation. If you don’t yet have a powerful consumer insight for your business, it is time you uncovered one!

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Doing these activities is critical for developing a smart marketing plan. It provides the foundation of understanding and wisdom needed for determining your key growth drivers and strategies you will lock on for your business’s marketing plan.

The right growth strategies will help you develop a Smarter Marketing Plan that will unlock business growth and build equity (or a stronger bond between your business and your customers). Having a Smart Marketing Plan also provides a “roadmap” for you and your team. Aligning how people and financial resources will be deployed to operationalize the ideas and tactics you need to execute brilliantly to deliver the business growth objectives.

Stages Of The BreakOut 360º Marketing Approach
Stage #1: Analysis Of Your Business and Market

(See related: How To Analyze Your Business With Data You Can Work With.) Often before you can take a major step forward, it is good to take a step back and take stock. When analyzing your business and the category (or marketplace) in which you compete, all the factors that should be considered. The following are some of the many major buckets we recommend be a part of your analysis:

Market: Macro view, economic indicators, consumer behavior, technology, political.

Consumer: Target, buying habits, trends, shopper journey, consumer enemies, and of course key consumer insights.

Channels: Distribution channels, major customers, retailers, and taking stock in any promotional programs key retailers may already be doing (you want to make sure you co-promote your business in any retailer promotions that make sense).

Competitors: Sales and Share performance, positioning, innovation, pricing, distribution, consumer perceptions.

Brand: Sales and Share performance, positioning, reputation, tracking results, pricing, distribution, financial analysis, research that answers important questions (and the questions that still need to be answered)

Every industry, market, and business has its own unique aspects. You should carefully consider all areas you may need to include as part of your analysis.

Stage #2: Smart Strategic Thinking

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Before you can unleash the potential of your brand – you first need to ensure you and your team is thinking Smart and Strategically.

Smart Strategic Thinking is critically important as it encourages you to set a vision, analyze your competitive strengths and weaknesses, identify where your market leverage is, what your breakout opportunities are, and what potential threats could negatively impact your business.

Smart Strategic Thinking will help you master how to:

  • Set A Vision
  • Determine The Right Investment Of Resources
  • Determine Which Opportunities To Focus On
  • Leverage A BreakOut Insight
  • Set Performance Results (ROI)

We believe that Strategic Thinking is an essential foundation, to help Marketers ask big questions that challenge and focus brand decisions. And why we put this Expert Coaching Plan at the beginning of our BreakOut 360º Marketing Approach.

Stage #3: A Winning Positioning For Your Business

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A unique, ownable, and defendable Brand Position (or the positioning of your business in the market) is critical for any business to survive and grow.

If you think of your business like an airplane, where you are the pilot, then you are obviously in charge of the direction and speed of your plane.

As the pilot, the velocity, acceleration, and the amount of fuel you burn either benefits from “tailwinds”, OR your plane is significantly slowed down by “headwinds”.

Tailwinds should be leveraged to the fullest. Headwinds, with the right strategies and ideas, should be minimized to the fullest extent possible.

We believe that Strategic Thinking is an essential foundation, to help Marketers ask big questions that challenge and focus brand decisions. And why we put this Expert Coaching Plan at the beginning of our BreakOut 360º Marketing Approach.

It is very useful to take stock of the wisdom gained regarding what has been and what may be potential “tailwinds” and “headwinds” for your business.

Tailwinds: Drivers and Opportunities

Two important “tailwind” factors need to be taken into account as you develop your Marketing Plan: Drivers and Opportunities

  • Drivers are those internal factors that have in the past or currently positively impact and accelerate your business growth. For example (just to name a few), leveraging a breakout consumer insight, strong brand equities, superiority feature(s) of your product or service, a great ad idea, or a strong product claims that makes your product superior in the consumers eyes. Other Key Drivers can also include internal factors like the core competencies of your company. For example, a strong sales force, or synergies with other brands or divisions within your company
  • Opportunities are external factors that are, or soon will be, occurring and can be leveraged to increase the awareness, trial, and adoption of your product or service. Are there any market, category, competitive, regulatory, or demographic trends that play to your core business strengths? Are there any new technologies, or even current businesses you are in a position to capitalize on? Are there new or developing channels that you might be able to sell through?

Headwinds: Inhibitors and Threats

Two important “headwind” factors also need to be identified and addressed during the marketing planning process: Inhibitors and Threats

  • Inhibitors are internal weaknesses in your product’s feature set, your businesses competitive position or in your products or services core competencies that are getting in the way of and slowing down growth, or even worse, causing your sales to decline.
  • Threats are external factors that may potentially impact your business in the future.
    For example, an innovation launch by a competitor, or an emerging new technology that could make your products less desirable, or even obsolete. You need to always be scanning the horizon for any emerging threats that may negatively impact your business. Treats can also be things like a decline in the size of your key target group, changes to your distribution channels, or any new regulatory or legal hurdles

Ignoring or not identifying these “headwinds” and “tailwinds” is one of the major causes to why many business fail from the start or one day cease to exist. Remember the Sony Walkman or BlackBerry Phone?

Local small and medium sized businesses that go out of business due to a major retail chain opening up a mile down the road cease to exist because they failed to recognize and adjust their positioning and marketing plan.

And just like we are seeing now, many major retail stores are going bankrupt, closing stores and laying off people because they failed to recognize and accept the impact of major online retailers like Amazon and other changes in the competitive landscape.

(This reminds me – I need to do an article on the retail chain Best Buy. They understand where the market is headed, the new competitive landscape and at least for now, doing a great job of holding down the fort. I promise I will get this article out soon)

Marketing and Innovation Pros have all too often kicked themselves for not taking into account and addressing important internal and external factors when developing their business plan and making sure they have a winning brand position.

Make sure you go into this with your “eyes wide open” – you are going to find you have a lot of new questions you need to find answers to as you go through these first three stages.

Also, make sure you allocate some of your marketing budget to do the research needed in order to gain answers to those important gaps of knowledge.

Stage #4: Developing That Smart Marketing Plan For Your Business

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Before you can unleash the potential of your brand – you first need to ensure you and your team is thinking Smart and Strategically.

Framing Your Business Plans Growth Strategies

If you have properly conduct a thorough analysis of your market and business, have a winning positioning, know how to think strategically, and have new powerful insight(s) you can leverage, you are in an excellent position to answer the strategic questions that will help you frame your key growth strategies your business will use to drive growth.

The following are just a few examples of the many strategic questions our marketing expert uses when he coaches you on How To Write A Smarter Brand Plan (or Business Plan).

Answer the following questions honestly! Doing so will allow you to determine the right business growth strategies that leverage and address your:

  1. Key internal business opportunities and threats
  2. Key external threats and opportunities your business may face

Remember, answer these questions honestly:

  • What is the core strength your business can win on?
  • How tightly connected is your consumer to your business?
  • What is your current competitive position in the market?
  • What current business situations (the good, the bad and the ugly) do you face?
  • How engaged are consumers in the category or market you compete in? Is there a high level of engagement, like with smart phones? Or a low engagement level, like just filling up your car with gas?
  • Are there any consumer segments that standout and align with your core business strength? A functional or emotional product/service feature or benefit.

By answering these important strategic questions and others that are probably popping into your head right now, you will be better able to Frame Your Business Plans Growth Strategies

As you formalize your growth strategies each strategies tactical plan, make sure they can be measured! Not doing so means you will not learn anything.

Great Marketers are consistently learning, understanding, and gain those golden nuggets of insight wisdom. They know by doing so they will be able to write smart, strategic business plans that will crush the competition.

Stage #5: Execute Brilliantly

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Before you can unleash the potential of your brand – you first need to ensure you and your team is thinking Smart and Strategically.

Deliver BreakOut Creative

When bringing your Ideas and Tactics to life, we encourage Marketers to utilize the The ULTIMATE Guide For Writing Better Creative Briefs Toolkit. Get instant access to this tool kit with a Free 30-day Membership to BreakOutMarketer

It is important when developing the tactical executional elements of your business plan that you have a creative brief that will inspire your team, and/or ad agency(s).

The creative that brings your tactical elements “to life” and reaches your consumer target at every touch point along their journey to purchase, starts by having a Creative Brief That Will Inspire.

The creative brief will serve as the key document for all communications to your consumer that needs to be developed (regardless of platform or media). This means everything from traditional advertising (TV, Print, Social) to point of purchase communications will need a creative brief that inspires.

Make sure your Creative Brief has the Right:

  1. Target
  2. Consumer Insight
  3. Communication Channel
  4. Single Minded Proposition – SMP (the single most important benefit, emotional or functional we want to communicate)
  5. Proof Points that support our SMP
  6. Tone, Manner and Brand Personality

The Ultimate Marketing Plan Template: Your Roadmap To Business Growth

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–John Ziegler, CEO of BreakOut Marketer

–John Ziegler, CEO of BreakOut Marketer